Lohagad Fort

Misty Lohagad

The parched land had dried even further, the sometimes green grass lost all its moisture to turn pale – then brown, the trees had shed their leaves to retain the last drop of sap. The riverbed stands exposed and the lakes vaporised. The birds look for water to quench their thirst, the haggard farmer sits by their home looking at the sun-baked farmland. All skyward facing in hope for the thick grey sheet to cover the blazing sun. This is when the Nimbus arrives. It drains its store to fill all pores. And thus arrives the Monsoon.

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Kashba Kali Temple

Akhaura Check Post and the Border Tales of Tripura

Beating Retreat is an old military ceremony practised in England for the retreat of the patrolling forces to the castle. This ceremony was called Watch Setting as it used to coincide with the sunset followed by the single shot fired by the gun. In India, beating retreat signifies the official end of the Republic Day celebration. While the Retreat Parade and flag lowering ceremony of Wagah Border is also well known. This practice is followed by the security forces of both the countries (BSF – India and PR – Pakistan) since 1959. The same is in practice on the other side of the nation too, though is lesser known.

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Udaipur – The Town of Lakes in Tripura

Udaipur of the east is also a town of lakes similar to the one of the west. Though Udaipur of the east is a small town and lesser known than its western counterpart. This is also a holy town housing the famous Tripureshwari Temple. By the bank of the river Gomati, this town has many artificial lakes dug during the Manikya dynasty. Thus enhancing the natural beauty of the place.

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Ujjayanta Palace

Tripura – The tiniest of the Northeastern Seven Sisters States

Tripura, a small state in the Northeastern part of India can also be called tiny Bengal. The majority of the population here are Bengali speaking, the food, the culture and the traditions – all are same. The state even has a rustic flavour of the adjoining country of Bangladesh, as it shares the international border from three sides. The widespread greenery, the large water bodies, the narrow rivulets, small villages by the road, the warm-hearted – easy going people are all a reflection of the laid back life away from the chaotic, fast-paced, industrialised city life.

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The Dakdhineshwar Kali Temple

Dakshineshwar – The place of worship of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa

The sacred temple of Dakshineshwar is located on the bank of river Hooghly (a tributary of River Ganges, traditionally called the Ganges) in a town named Dakshineshwar, in West Bengal. The temple was founded by Rani Rashmoni – a wealthy, benevolent and a dynamic woman who took over the administration of the estate after her husband’s death. Rani Rashmoni on her way for a pilgrimage to Banaras had a dream of the Divine Mother in the form of goddess Kali. In her dream, she had the vision to construct a temple on the bank of river Ganges and install a statue, to worshipped.

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