The Prambanan Temple

In and Around Yogyakarta

We visited Yogyakarta for Borobudur, but little did we know that it will come with such added perks. We got to see the mighty Merapi, the majestic Borobudur, the smaller temples of Pawon and Mendut and also the mystical Prambanan. With such numbers of temples, Yogyakarta seemed to be a temple town and our tour a religious one. But Jogjakarta was much beyond and here I will share my experience exploring some of it.

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The Magestic Borobudur Temple

The Revered Temple of Borobudur

Borobudur temple was a familiar name since childhood. This renowned monument is a shrine dedicated to Lord Buddha and is a holy site, a pilgrimage for devotees. To others, it is a magnificent work of art. The layout and the design are unique. This massive structure naturally creates the interest and people get drawn to it. Some for research and educational purpose, some for a religious purpose, some to quench their thirst to explore this amazing monument, some to capture the grandeur within their camera frames and some as a tourist adding a spectacular spot to their travel list.

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Shrine in the lake at Ulun Danu Bratan

Awestruck in Bali

I was in the Land of Gods for a few days. I was blessed to be in this divine destination so rich in its natural splendour. The land is blessed with outstanding landscapes where mountains like Mt Agung, Mt Batur and others pop it head from within the vast stretches of volcanic terrain to overlook the surrounding area, where the lush green rice terraces preserves its age old tradition of subak irrigation, where the tropical garden proudly displays its dazzling blooms of orchids, where the land descends in the sea from every direction, where religion is an important part of life, where locals perform countless religious ceremonies, where artists practice the captivating traditional music and dance, where the skilfull artisans create extraordinary pieces of art, where the warm people welcome you with clasped palms called Sembah (similar to Namaste). Yes, I was on this enchanting island of Bali in wonderful Indonesia.

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Tanah Lot temple during sunset

Tanah Lot the Land in the Sea

Tanah Lot an interesting name, so is the place – enchanting and pulsating. This is the reason I decided to write a separate post on Tanah Lot. Known to the world as a popular tourist destination, this sea temple in Bali is much beyond a religious destination. There is a sense of serenity even in the gathering. I will take you through this journey of tranquillity in the teeming sea of people in Tanah Lot.

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Mt Merapi on a clear weather. P.C: Our Guide

Mighty Merapi in the Volcanic Islands of Indonesia

Volcanoes are the conical hills or ruptures on the crust of Earth through which molten lava and gases erupt out from the centre of the Earth. Volcanoes are known to be destructive as well as constructive. They can cause havoc to plant, animal and human life. They have severe effects on the air quality and other environmental factors. At the same time, they nourish and provide ideal conditions for many ecosystems to thrive, yield fertile soil and above all create new topography. This post is not a lesson on Volcanoes but the story of my first encounter with an active volcano in its volcanic surroundings.

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Srisailam Dam

Mallikarjun in Srisailam – A bit of adventure on a day of devotion

My father’s target this time was to tick off the remaining one on his bucket list of Jyotirlingas. I joined my parents in quest of exploring a new destination and also visit a state newly formed. The temple remains in the old state while it is conveniently connected through the old city of Hyderabad in the new state of Telangana. I did expect an interesting journey… it turned out to be an overwhelming experience.

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Dimbhe Dam and its reservoir

Detour to Bhimashanker – Dimbhe Dam

The autumn is here. Am I still loitering in the autumn? The winter has already set its foot in some parts of our country. I have been travelling frequently for the last couple of months and my monsoon posts still remain seated in the drafts unpublished. So I thought let me publish my monsoon stories before I share my recent exciting travel stories.

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