The Cox Bazar beach

Cox Bazar the Honeymoon Destination of Bangladesh

Love is in the air. Love in all forms and shape is celebrated today. In every corner of the world, romanticism is reaching its record-breaking new heights. Love themed flowers, chocolates, confectioneries and gift items have flooded the market. Couples are finding innovative ways to impress their beloved. Valentine’s Day is here again. On this love filled day, I share my story of a lovely destination. A place, which is also considered as a honeymoon destination – Cox Bazar.

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Sahid Minar

Dhaka – The Heart of Bangladesh

The old city of Jahangir Nagar the erstwhile capital of the Mughal Bengal has now transformed to the bustling and flourishing capital city of Bangladesh, called Dhaka. The highly populous city is the centre of business, economy, education, transportation and is the seat of the central governance. The city is known for its rickshaws, waterways and its notorious traffic congestion. Let me take you through the crowded roads of Dhaka to discover the essence of the ever growing city.

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Baitul Aman Jame Masjid

To the Venice of the East – Barisal

In search of my roots, we reached Bangladesh and thus discovered the Venice of East. Barisal was our destination and to reach our ancestral village called Gava, was our goal. Apart from this, tourism was our second purpose in this nation. I felt a strange affinity towards this place. It was once the same nation now separated by barbed wires. We share the same language and culture. It is the place where my ancestors thrived. My mind loitered around finding the reason.

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Gava High School, the pride of Ghosh Dastidar clan

Setting foot on my ancestral land – Gava Schoolbari, Barisal

On my second ‘Blogiversary’ I thought of writing a post on something which is very close and personal. I would like to dedicate this post to my Jethu (paternal uncle). I always love listening to stories. One of my best childhood pass time was to listen to stories. Be it a fairy tale, stories from Panchatantra, Thakumar Jhuli, adventure stories, ghost stories or the most interesting stories of my ancestors narrated by my jethu.

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The Prambanan Temple

In and Around Yogyakarta

We visited Yogyakarta for Borobudur, but little did we know that it will come with such added perks. We got to see the mighty Merapi, the majestic Borobudur, the smaller temples of Pawon and Mendut and also the mystical Prambanan. With such numbers of temples, Yogyakarta seemed to be a temple town and our tour a religious one. But Jogjakarta was much beyond and here I will share my experience exploring some of it.

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The Magestic Borobudur Temple

The Revered Temple of Borobudur

Borobudur temple was a familiar name since childhood. This renowned monument is a shrine dedicated to Lord Buddha and is a holy site, a pilgrimage for devotees. To others, it is a magnificent work of art. The layout and the design are unique. This massive structure naturally creates the interest and people get drawn to it. Some for research and educational purpose, some for a religious purpose, some to quench their thirst to explore this amazing monument, some to capture the grandeur within their camera frames and some as a tourist adding a spectacular spot to their travel list.

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