Chinese Fishing Nets

The Spice of Kochi

The flavourful, ancient, coastal city of Kochi, often known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea used to be the famous port for the Spice trade. The natural port once formed by the flooding of the Periyar river initiated the sea route for trading across Asia. The Jewish, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British influence have blended into the past of the city to give it a rich history whose remnants are scattered around the coastal region. A beautiful amalgamation of the old and the new makes Kochi a much sought of destination.

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The vast expanse of Chilika lake on the way from Gopalpur to Bhubaneswar

Chilika Lake and the Wetland Ecosystem

A lagoon is a shallow water body separated from a larger water body by Islands or reefs or shallow ridge. Chilika lake is the largest brackish water lagoon in India and is also the estuary of River Daya draining into the Bay of Bengal. A 32 km long channel forms the mouth of the river joining the sea. This estuarine region is a unique combination of freshwater, brackish water and marine ecosystems. The wetland ecosystem of Chilika is the first Indian wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

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Christmas decoration in Park Street in front of Apeejay House in Kolkata

Christmas in Kolkata

HO HO HO!” Santa is in town – the Christmas season, the holiday reason and the celebration is around. The annual, worldwide celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, followed by the New Year. As date varies according to the Eastern and Western Churches so do the celebration in different parts of the World. It varies depending on the region, religion, ethnicity and cultural background of the people. Here I am with the Christmas or the ‘Boro Din’ celebration from my native city of Kolkata.

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Inside the Ramnagar Fort

Varanasi – Part II

Varanasi is among the ancient most cities of the world and there is evidence of constant habitation here. When the city is of such eminence you find a rich history in every monument and structures in every lane and by-lane. It seems every brick and stone of every fort, Haveli and house here have their story, every road, lane and the narrowest of by-lane have a history that is rich and eventful.

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The Ghats of Varanasi at night

Varanasi – Part I

The ancient, the famous, the holy, the busy and the popular city of Varanasi is a destination of a different taste – photographer’s paradise, holy men’s den, the utopia of faith and religion. Every individual have their own liking and disliking yet a definite reason to visit Varanasi, as I had my own. Varanasi makes an everlasting impression on the visitors and captivates them with her own mystic charm.

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Om Beach

Escape to Gokarna

Gokarna is a peaceful hamlet by the sea in the state of Karnataka also known as a temple town, it is an important Hindu pilgrimage. The charming bends along the shoreline guarded by the hills of the western ghats with the thick cover of green vegetation add to the scenic beauty of the place. A small town by the sea with its laid-back lifestyle is a perfect getaway to escape and so we did escape to Gokarna.

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