Matrimandir of Auroville

Auroville near Puducherry

Auroville or the City of Dawn is a universal township with an experimental concept of human unity. Founded by Mirra Alfassa (better known as the Mother) in the year 1968 it aimed at achieving life in peace and harmony beyond the differences of caste, creed and nationality. The vision statement describes it as “…a place where the needs of the spirit and the care for progress would get precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions, the seeking for pleasures and material enjoyments.”

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Rays of hope

My Lockdown Journey

Today I share a journey that has been totally different from those I have shared before. This was the most unplanned, unprecedented and unavoidable trip of my life and I am sure the same is of yours too. All these ‘un’ things made me really unhappy. The soul was rioting within and the mind with its acquired wisdom kept soothing it to take on to this new and the most unique journey of my life till date. This was my lockdown journey which came in as a side effect of the imported COVID-19 pandemic.

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Greater Flamingoes in flight

Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary

While the novel Coronavirus was gradually setting its foot (or I shall say its spikes) on India along with the international fliers during the prime Springtime, least aware of the upcoming grave situation, we decided to have a birdwatching Sunday at Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary where the migratory birds arrive during the winters. From winter to spring, this town hosts a large group of migratory species making it a bird watcher’s paradise.

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The Old Man of Storr

Over the Sea to Skye

The pleasing melody of the old Corries’ song surely takes you ‘Over the sea to Skye’ though not to be the king but to set afloat your imagination to fly in the sky of Skye. The ‘Isle of Skye’ has a whiff of romanticism in its name and this romanticism took me to this island. The isle of the Cuillins and moors, topped by the vast dramatic sky creates a landscape – sublime and surreal.

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Tirathgarh Waterfalls and the gorge below

Jagdalpur – The Land of Waterfalls

Jagdalpur is the land blessed by mother nature with its dearest of children, the life-giving water. These waters in the form of luscious streams plunge down, spreading its youthful charm as gorgeous waterfalls to spread the aura of mystery within the forest. The forested district of Bastar is irrigated by these streams embellishing it with the tint of blue within the lushness of greenery and the ruggedness of the rocks. Come with me to explore this land of waterfalls.

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Beautiful murals in Muktangan

Raipur City Tour

Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh in the central-eastern part of India. Chhattisgarh is a state of great natural wealth. The soil is rich in mineral resources and the major part of the land is under the forest cover. It is also the state of many rivers and waterfalls supporting the healthy groundwater level which again is the major factor influencing the agricultural dependency of a majority of the population. In between them lies the district of Raipur and the capital city.

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Sarat Chandra Kuthi in Samtaber

Sarat Chandra Kuthi in Samta

On my ‘Blogiversary’ I tend to share something very close and personal. So today, I share about my recent family trip to my favourite author’s house, now protected as a heritage-historical site under the West Bengal Heritage Commission Act. I am talking about the great Bengali novelist and story writer Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and his home for twelve years in Samta village near Panitras in Howrah district of West Bengal.

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The magnificent Chitrakore Waterfalls

Chitrakoot Waterfalls

The unspoilt state of Chattisgarh has a gem of Waterfalls in the heart of it – the Chitrakote Waterfalls, often known as the Niagara Falls of India. The roaring white wide and gorgeous plunge is enough to fill you with awe and take your breath away. It was the final moment of truth and I was there in front of the much-admired widest of waterfalls in India, I was in Chitrakote Waterfalls.

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The mine area near Carrick-a-Rede

Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland is a beautiful city with a balanced blend of ancient and modern architecture. We know how the famous H&W, the linen industry, The Troubles is associated with Belfast but do we know the Game of Thrones (GOT) association? GOT was produced and filmed in Belfast and surrounding. Today I will take you through the Game of Thrones tour of Northern Ireland.

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