Hear me on The Musafir Stories

The Musafir Stories is an audio podcast that documents Indian travel tales.’ The site is owned and managed by the lovely, talented couple Saif Omar and Faiza Khan. When they approached me for a podcast interview to share my travel stories I was overly glad to do so. I chose Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, as my destination to talk about.

The Musafir Stories provides a wonderful mode to share travel stories. Through the audio podcast, they made it easier for the travel enthusiast to get inspired to travel. In today’s busy world with the packed schedule, one can hear various travel stories in The Musafir Stories audio podcast side by side of doing any other activity.

Ratnagiri travel podcast with The Musafir Stories
Ratnagiri travel podcast with The Musafir Stories

This is my first podcast interview and I am honoured as well as excited to share it with my readers. Ah! Shouldn’t I say, listeners? Hear my experiences and my stories of Ratnagiri here.

In course of this interview, I came to know this lovely couple and their love for travel which made them start an interesting way to share travel experiences of many such travellers. I also had the opportunity to relive my memories of the beautiful district of Ratnagiri. Visit Ratnagiri with me and The Musafir Stories through the podcast.

itunes – https://goo.gl/6Jxkbr

audioBoom – https://goo.gl/5CDgKS

Saavn – https://goo.gl/6qp2mF

castbox – https://goo.gl/7g8nN2

pocketcasts – https://goo.gl/d6wZL3

Overcast – https://goo.gl/fM9Som

Stitcher Radio – https://goo.gl/ihL4Gr

TuneIn – http://tun.in/pilOI

RadioPublic – https://goo.gl/Dy2VPv

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