The Resort with the Lake view

Getting drenched in Sharavathi Adventure Camp

Rain rain go away
Come again on Monday
I have to roam around on Sunday
You already spoiled my Saturday”
I kept on saying since Saturday evening. While the cloud went on pouring its content in full might. We entered the Sharavathi Adventure Camp by the forest in the hill with the blue Talakalale lake flowing by.

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Meeting the Famous Four in Jog Falls

Once upon a time there lived four bosom friends, by the rocky edges of a green mountainside. Oh! I should have said there live four bosom buddies since ages. In abundance and in scarcity they go side by side. They even go fat and lean in togetherness. They are Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani. My story revolves around these four characters.

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Mulshi lake in dry season

Monsoon ride through Mulshi and Tamhini Ghat

The much-awaited monsoon is here again. The vegetation around has taken up a fresh look. The tall branches of the trees have covered themselves up under the blanket of leafy green. The thick layer of shrubs and grasses embraces the rejoicing soil. The stony structures get a new paint of moss. Thus the monsoon rejuvenates every thirsty soul giving them a new look. Yes, the monsoon is here again.

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Victoria Memorial

Kolkata – My Own City of Joy

Calcutta (now Kolkata) was named the City of Joy after the novel by the French author Dominique Lapierre. The novel was based on this city. The people here love to celebrate every occasion and festival. Kolkata has its own charm which is very different from all other regions. And to me, the very name takes me through the journey of nostalgia. Why not? This is my native land and I spent the most of my lifespan in the city. So today I thought of taking my readers through my native city in my own way.

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The hole where the water enters the cave

Baratang Stories

How many of you remember the lesson on mineral formation from the geography classes? More precisely the limestone structures of stalactite and stalagmite. Like many another interesting phenomenon we studied in our geography classes this was pretty awesome too. Those impressive pillars within the dark caves, some growing upwards while some descending downwards. All sounds so spectacular. Yes, I am talking about limestone caves of Baratang in the Andaman Islands.

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