A Tiny Hamlet of Maneri near Koynanagar

Serendipity in the lap of Nature – the calm water of Koyna river gently flowing by the side of the road, you cross a small bridge across this little river and reach the tranquil haven where paddy and ragi happily grow in step cultivation; where various shades of green paints separate steps in its own hue; where the sweet aroma of Indrayani paddy spikes fills the air; where fluttering birds make soothing music in the evergreen forest on the hills behind; where tiny white waterfall gushes down breaking the monopoly of the green; where multiple windmills stand tall to stealthily blend with the living world around. A dreamy picture meticulously painted to soothe the eyes, body, mind and soul.

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An autumnal sunrise

Autumn – the Season of Celebration

Autumn’ like a gust of fresh air brings in the cheerful blue sky with white patches of cottony clouds pushing off the gloom that kept hovering above for the last couple of months. Autumn brings an end to the season of downpour and makes way for the sunny days filled with the aroma of fresh flowers, the music of festivity and the joy of celebration. Let’s welcome the season of festivity, let’s celebrate Autumn.

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Tambdi Surla Temple

Tambdi Surla Shiva Temple

Tambdi Surla is a small village in the Northeastern part of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and the Mollem National Park in Mollem, Goa. A beautiful 12th century Mahadev Temple from the Kadamba dynasty is located within the deep forest in this region. The temple is presently maintained by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) and sits remotely in this serene location away from the human settlement.

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On the way to Malshej Ghat

Monsoon in Malshej Ghat

Towards the last leg of the Indian monsoon, it lashes down hard, really hard. The month of September is considered as the last month of the monsoon in the subcontinent before the gloomy sky makes way to the fluffy white clouds to rule the cheerful blue autumn sky. Keeping the pride and honour it pours lots and lots before it finally rests for the year. The monsoon waves a magic wand over the Sahyadri transforming it into a fantasy land. To cherish this season of bounty for the last time this year we visited Malshej Ghat.

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Betul Lighthouse

Let me take you on a pictorial journey through a small hillock in the calm fishing village of Quitol on which the Betul Lighthouse stands. Quitol in Naqueri Betul gram panchayat is located at the confluence of River Sal and the Arabian Sea in South Goa. Doesn’t the confluence itself sound scenic? Beyond that, the palm, coconut and casuarina lined river mouth and the pristine sandy beach provide the perfect getaway far from the crowd of the popular destinations of Goa.

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Jungle Nightjar

Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary

A piece of forest within the crowded city, yes Jhalana is one of a kind small forest within the heart of Jaipur. Known for the local leopard population that used to venture into the city for food. This sanctuary provided them with a safe haven to live peacefully in this small natural habitat of 23 sq. km. Jhalana lies within two hill ranges of the Aravali running North to South while another hill range divides it into two parts.

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Sunset at Nahargarh Fort

When in Jaipur, spend the evening at Nahargarh Fort famed to be the most popular sunset destination of the city. Sighting its popularity the only mantra to remember is to climb to the fort early, find a spot to sit and wait for the sun to gently go down behind the city. Nahargarh Fort on a summit of the Aravali range overlooks the city of Jaipur and thus offers a magnificent view of the unobstructed sun gliding down to rest for the night within the chaos of the concrete below.

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Twin Forts of Amer – Amer Fort & Jaigarh Fort

On my recent trip to Jaipur, I visited the two famous forts in the nearby city of Amer – the Amer Fort and the Jaigarh Fort. The two forts that are located close to one another rule the skyline of this small city on the Aravali range, one immensely popular among the tourists for its rich architectural style while the other for housing the world’s largest cannon on wheels. Let me take you along for a walk through these twin forts of Amer.

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Hawa Mahal

Pages from the Pink Diary of Jaipur

Jaipur is best known as the Pink City of India. The old city or the city centre or the heart of the present Jaipur city is all painted pink, accurately giving it the name of the Pink City. Though the Pink here has a twisted RGB value, taking it more towards the terracotta pink than and other common shades of pink that the colour actually means. Now, whichever shade of pink be it at the end, it is called pink and so the city as the pink city. Read along to know how the historic city of Jaipur became the Pink city.

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Ranthambore Fort entrance

Ranthambore Fort

After meeting the royals of Ranthambore National Park it was time to visit the royal residence. Although the royals we met were from different family and this residence belonged to a completely different family. It was the royal residence of the Chauhan dynasty from the 12th century. Built on a hill within the forest surrounded by rough terrain, Ranthambore fort was considered as one of the impregnable forts of the period.

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