Summer in Coorg

With the mercury soaring higher and higher in the summer months this year, people from every state of our tropical country are almost baking in an oven. All seeking a respite from heatwaves tries various ways and implements different techniques. Thus an idea popped in my mind, why not get a short break from this sweltering heat by going to nearby Scotland – the Scotland of India, yes our very own Coorg.

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North Sikkim – The Epitome of Sanctitude

The mesmerizing atmosphere in some breathtaking landscapes, where on every turn you are embraced by the gurgling stream rushing down as a succulent waterfall or some gaping fathomless gorges or some mighty mountains blocking your way or the fragrant moist air carrying the scent of the wildflowers or the dense cloud, ready to pour down to unveil the warm sun or the tiny peaceful village with a handful of diligent locals or a small bridge over the agile young river or the snowcapped mountains standing high or the group of yaks foraging in the fields… it is Nature’s child – flawless and divine, it is North Sikkim.

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The frozen Gurudongmar Lake

In Gurudongmar Lake at an Altitude of 17004 ft

How does it feel to be at the top of the world? Utmost happiness does often lead us to the top of the world but I am talking of physically being on a great height above the sea level to feel on the top of the world. I have not been to many a place with such high altitudes and Gurudongmar Lake in the North district of the tiny state of Sikkim is the highest of all that I have been to. I will take you through my journey to the place of divine beauty at an altitude of 17004 ft – The Gurudongmar lake.

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View from Thotlakonda Hill

Vizag Part II

I woke up to the soft music of the waves and the gentle breeze from the sea, I woke up to see the sky gradually transforming from pale blue to shades of orange, I woke up to the chirping of the birds, I woke up to feel the pretty morning in the stunning vistas. I was in Vizag, one of the cleanest and beautiful cities of India. Here comes the second part of the Visakhapatnam post that I had promised of in my previous.

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View from Kailasagiri

Vizag – Part I

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” This is a well-known phrase and I have absolute faith in it. Cleanliness brings purity, leads to righteousness and goodness thus it propagates peace that guides to holiness. Do not confuse this to any devotional post, this is a tiny introduction to one of the cleanest cities in India. I am talking of the much touristy yet a clean and exceptionally beautiful coastal city of Visakhapatnam.

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Sunset hues in Baranti Lake

A Soulful Trip to Baranti

Baranti, a name not known to all, not heard by many and not seen in much of the travel articles, is a remote village in a remote corner of the remote district of Purulia in West Bengal. With the name of Purulia, the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘Chau’ mask and the dance. Is Baranti in some way related to Chau or is it famed differently? Ending all such speculation let me take you through the soulful journey to the scenic landscape of Baranti.

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Holi with the Flame-of-the-Forest in Purulia

Who does not want to delve into the riot of colours when the colours are so bright and appealing? What can be a better occasion other than Holi to spread the colours of nature that will definitely not offend anyone. So with a splash of colour, I say, “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai” (don’t be offended, it’s Holi). Spring is celebrated in every part of the world and we Indians celebrate the Spring with the Holi or the “Basant Utsav” (the festival of Spring). I am here with the ‘Flame-of-the-Forest’ to colour my readers in its colour of joy on this Holi.

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