Standing on the sand bridge facing the Smith Island

The eternal love story of Ross and Smith

A story of love far from the main lands. Love that involves togetherness as well as aloofness. For long, long time they stood together holding hands in hands, braving all the perils. They romance within the jade green water and lure us all with their tale.

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I loved this watch tower

A Peaceful Sojourn in Mayabunder

Through the pleasant roads and wondrous destinations en route, we reached the land of illusion – Mayabunder. The tiny hamlet situated in the northern part of Middle Andaman. It is the administrative headquarters of North and Middle Andamans. The town was settled during the colonial period. The early settler were ex-convicts, immigrants from East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and the Keren Tribe from Myanmar who was brought here as cheap logging labour.

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The long mangrove walk in Dhani Nallah

On my Way to Mayabunder

Mayabunder – Is this the land of illusion (“maya”)? Well, there is illusion everywhere and in every sphere of life. Every human being falls for some or the other illusion. Some say the world is an illusion (“Prithvi ek maya hai”). Then how to discriminate between illusion and reality? Anyway, this was enough of my philosophical nonsense. I have no intention to write this post on such philosophical concepts. On my quest to travel as much of Andaman Islands, I was on my way to Mayabunder (the dock of illusion?).

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Church at Mondsee where Maria got married in the movie

I Came to Know The Sound of Music

Have you heard the Sound of Music? You must surely have watched it. But I had not till I visited Salzburg. This is the same city where the original story and the movie were based on. The old musical drama film was based on the story of Von Trapp family. Tour operators organise half day tour in and around the city with the name of The Sound of Music Tour. I became the part of this conducted tour and thus know the story. Stay with me to know the story.

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Visiting Tierpark in Arth Goldau

Zoological Gardens has always been a favourite destination for me as a kid. Why do I say as a kid? In my adulthood too, I made many plans to visit the zoo. But unfortunately, none could materialise. We planned and then cancelled the date. And thus it kept on postponing till the day we stopped planning. But Arth Goldau happened to us by chance. So let me take you to this zoo trip along with me. I hope you will sure enjoy it.

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The Stolen Boat

The Stolen Boat in Tarkarli

One summer evening (led by her) I found
A little boat” – anchored by the sandy shore, “its usual home”. It was a dark night with a clear sky and its twinkling starry lights. The pitch-dark sea below and the sparkling sky above. The stillness of the surrounding broken by the roaring and crashing sound of the waves. Tip toed we cautiously came closer to the boat and silently stepped into it.

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