The bridge on the Shipra River

The temple town of Ujjain

The proposed smart city of Ujjain can better be called as a temple town. Known for the famous Mahakaleshwar temple, it has many other temples of equal religious importance. Mahakaleshwar is a Jyotirlinga, one among the two in Madhya Pradesh and the twelve in India. This city by the bank of the Shipra river and numerous temples scattered within its precincts leads to a beautiful religious tour.

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The Jahaz Mahal

Historical Mandu

With the very reference of Mandu that first thing that comes to mind is the “Ship that never sailed”. For those who are not too familiar with this historical site of Mandu, I shall introduce Mandu through the very known Jahaz Mahal. By now all must have come to a conclusion that is a ship is in a land how will it sail. That is a thought very correct. But wait. There is a huge water body too. But still, the question remains the same. How do a palace sail? I would take you through Mandu from sailing to climbing. You just need to stay with me until the end.

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Exploring Indore

They say ‘MP gazab hai’ (Madhya Pradesh is a wonder). All time favourite MP tourism ad, adds an extra bit of ‘gazab’ to the already ‘gazab’ (wondrous) state. And finally, I made it to this gazab state by visiting Indore. A lot of ‘gazab’… right? Okay, I better go straight into my story. So now, I will get back to Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

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River Narmada with the Omkareshwar temple on the right

Omkareshwar – The Sacred Om Shaped Island

The holy city of Omkareshwar is famous Mahadev Temple which is also a Jyotirlinga among the 12 others situated in various states of India. The temple is situated on a hillock on the om shaped island called the Mandhata, on the Narmada river. A temple town situated in the picturesque surrounding of the meandering rocky banks of Narmada is appealing to religious as well as other visitors.

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Suvarnadurg Fort on the rocky island

The Fishy tale of Suvarnadurg in Harnai

Must be wondering what so fishy about Harnai? Harnai is the beach famous for its fish market. Every afternoon after 4 starts the auction. The fresh catches are laid by the muddy beach. Thousands of customers some for wholesale while other for personal consumption, gather here to grab the best deal. Situated in a scenic location Harnai is a natural harbour with a number of forts and a lighthouse. My fishy tale is not just about the fish market. It’s a lot more than that.

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The view of the fort walls and the road and the tiny lighthouse on the other hill

Finding Ratnagiri in Ratnagiri

We were travelling to our next destination of Ratnagiri town in Ratnagiri district. Leaving Ganpatipule (Read my experience in Ganapatipule.) behind, we moved on through mangrove creeks and backwater channels. Some newly painted boat while others old with parts dislodged were laid in front of some courtyard. Fishing nets spread on the floor and some dumped here and there. The props ample enough to portray some fishing village – The true feel of Konkan coast.

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