Visiting Tierpark in Arth Goldau

Zoological Gardens has always been a favourite destination for me as a kid. Why do I say as a kid? In my adulthood too, I made many plans to visit the zoo. But unfortunately, none could materialise. We planned and then cancelled the date. And thus it kept on postponing till the day we stopped planning. But Arth Goldau happened to us by chance. So let me take you to this zoo trip along with me. I hope you will sure enjoy it.

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The Stolen Boat

The Stolen Boat in Tarkarli

One summer evening (led by her) I found
A little boat” – anchored by the sandy shore, “its usual home”. It was a dark night with a clear sky and its twinkling starry lights. The pitch-dark sea below and the sparkling sky above. The stillness of the surrounding broken by the roaring and crashing sound of the waves. Tip toed we cautiously came closer to the boat and silently stepped into it.

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The wooden chapel bridge

The Lakeland of Lucerne

Lucerne is known by many names. Some say Luzerne and others call it Lucerna. It was pretty little confusion to get it cleared before boarding the train. And the railway official beautifully described how people from different ethnicity call it with different names. Whatever be the name the place has its own charm in its own particular way. Be with me for the rest of my trip to explore the city.

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Dreamy Interlaken

The ever peaceful nation of Switzerland with its smiling people and captivating locale has the magical spell to enthral visitors. The very name entices people to see it in their dreams. I too had a wish to visit this wonderland someday and get smitten by its charm. The country is a founding member of many International Organisation but a part of none. It has not been into any war since two hundred years. A clear hint of it peace loving and welcoming residents. So, to experience it all I set foot in Switzerland through Zurich but got introduced to it through Interlaken.

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The bridge on the Shipra River

The temple town of Ujjain

The proposed smart city of Ujjain can better be called as a temple town. Known for the famous Mahakaleshwar temple, it has many other temples of equal religious importance. Mahakaleshwar is a Jyotirlinga, one among the two in Madhya Pradesh and the twelve in India. This city by the bank of the Shipra river and numerous temples scattered within its precincts leads to a beautiful religious tour.

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