These bright flowers adds charm to the landscape

Road Trip from Pune to Hampi and Back

Road trips are always interesting, you get to know the geography of the place, you get to see the roads and the directions, you can watch the villages and the towns, you get the opportunity to experience the lifestyle and above all you can stop at any place and breathe in the fresh air and feel the vibe and capture the landscape in your camera and the moment in your memory. This time it is about my road trip to Hampi and back.

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Ganga Aarti of Varanasi

Varanasi is an ancient city by the banks of the holy river Ganges, often personified as Ganga or Ganga Maiyan by the Hindus. The origin of this perennial, transboundary river is in Uttrakhand where the water from the melted snow of Gangotri, Satopanth and Khatling glacier along with the water from the snowy peaks of Himalaya joins the course to form the Ganges. Ganga then flows south and finally towards the eastern part of India to meet the Bay of Bengal nourishing lives and providing livelihood to many along its course. And Ganga Aarti is an integral part of the worship of Goddess Ganga. 

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Veer Dam in the Sun and in the Rain

In the state with the maximum number of dams in India, you find small to large dam everywhere in every corner of every district. There are many known and unknown dams among which some are highly popular while others are not. Whether it is popular or unpopular, dams are interesting places with the surrounding water bodies making it even more attractive. One fine windy afternoon we decided to visit a dam, known to many yet unknown to me – the Veer Dam.

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Barehipani Waterfalls

Last Day Last Show in the Forest of Simlipal

A forest is defined as a dense congregation of trees, thick and thin, small and large, young and old. Then again such forest are categorised as evergreen forest, deciduous forest, coniferous forest, mangrove forest and more and again sub categorised on the basis of types of trees available. The trees thus form the building block of a forest and the other lives (micro to large) depend on it and play their respective role in the food chain. Meanwhile, the forest gains its popularity by the one in the top of the food pyramid. I was in one such forest known for the tiger as the top predator – Simlipal National Park.

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Colosseum of Rome

Day Trip to Eco Park in Kolkata

The Major Arterial road in New Town, Kolkata was my daily route to the office and back home. Then, a broad straight and mostly traffic free road stretched through the vast landscape of green grasslands frequented by large water bodies. The landscape changed in an unimaginable faster pace. More and more multi-storied buildings, commercial spaces and SEZs erupted here, there and everywhere. Within this surrounding, a huge area was the proposed site for the park then. It is now transformed to a beautiful sprawling park called the Eco Park or the Prakriti Tirtha.

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The serene waters of the Supa reservoir

Old Magazine House in Ganeshgudi

The name Old Magazine House had a hint of some Dak Bungalow from the colonial era hidden in it. Since I heard the name I travelled through my own world of fantasy to imagine an adventurous stay in the resort. Adventure stories from my childhood are to be blamed for such fantasies. Coming back to reality, Old Magazine House (OMH) is basically a bird watching camp located within the thick forest of Ganeshgudi near Dandeli under the Jungle Lodge and Resort chain.

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