Devgad beach from the park on the cliff

Devgad in Summer

This summer on a mango hunt we went to Devgad. Though not a popular summer destination like the cool mountains but a treasure trove that unveils only in the hot sultry summer month. Yes, we went to Devgad for its treasure of Alphonso mangoes and as a gift that came along was the tour of the surrounding coastline and the impregnable sea forts. My tour to Devgad was not only scenic and serene it was also mixed with fun and adventure.

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Serampore College

Serampore, the Erstwhile Seat of Education

The cluttered city of Serampore in the Hooghly district of West Bengal was once the seat of education for people of all strata. The third oldest college in India was established here in the year 1818 and holds the position of a prestigious educational institution to date. This busy city by the river Hooghly has a story beyond the ancient Serampore college. Today I am here to share the story of my alma mater and the city that is home to it.

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The essence of Devgad Mango - The bay, the sea and the orchard from Mr Dhoke's farm

To the ‘Mango-land’ of Devgad

Pinch me hard… Am I dreaming? I see mangoes everywhere – on either side, in front, at the back, on the top and even at the bottom. Oh, God! Don’t wake me up, I want to stay lost in this Mango-land forever and never to return. Like every dream that ends on waking up, my tour to Mango-land too came to an end (but with cartons full of mangoes) on returning back to Pune. Today I share with you my extraordinary dreamlike experience of visiting Devgad.

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The ruins of Nandi in a mandapa within the Pattadakal temple complex

Mahakuta, Pattadakal & Aihole

The architectural experimentation of the early Chalukyas extended beyond its centre at Badami to Aihole and Pattadakal. Aihole and Pattadakal temple architecture became the melting point of ideas from South and North India and thus was considered the cultural centre of the Chalukya dynasty. As a continuation of my Badami post I share the Pattadakal, Aihole and Mahakuta temple story in this post.

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Agastya Tirtha with Badami fort

The Historic City of Badami

The calm setting of the rocky hills surrounding the Agastya Tirtha at once takes you a few centuries back when this was the flourishing capital of the Chalukya kingdom. The ancient cave temples and the other temple complex in the Malprabha river valley here are recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site under the category of “Evolution of Temple Architecture – Aihole-Badami-Pattadakal”. Let me take you through this city that was once known as Vatapi – the centre of temple architecture of the Chalukya dynasty.

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View of Hooghly river from Imambara

Stories from Colonial Chinsurah

Chinsurah may sound an unfamiliar name to many as it is not prominently marked on the tourist map of India. Chinsurah is an important city in the Hooghly district of West Bengal and is also the administrative headquarters of the district. Often known as Chunchura or Chuchro, it was part of the ancient Bhurshut kingdom. Today I will take you through Chinsurah while peeping into its glorious colonial past.

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A Tour of Churches in Pune

Tis Christmas time again and the aroma of Christmas cakes is all around. Christmas trees, stars, bells and gifts have already made their way to their respective destinations. The joy of festivity is all around as the world has begun to celebrate the season with Christmas followed by the new year in a week. So I take this opportunity of Christmas to celebrate it in my own way as I tour you through a few churches of Pune through this post.

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Photo Journey Through Chalkewadi Windmill Farms

Chalkewadi Windmills Farms is quite a popular destination near Pune in the Satara district of Maharashtra. People tend to flock here during the monsoon to experience the lush nature and during the winters and also at the weekends for a day trip or a picnic. This was what I had done before. (Read about my previous visit to Chalkewadi Windmill Farms.) This time it was so different. We drove through the windmills for miles and miles. Every turn on the significantly straight road gave us some incredible views. I am here with this post to share with you my visual experience.

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Koyna Dam in Koynanagar

Koynanagar, a small town in the Satara district of Maharashtra is known for Koyna Dam. Koyna Dam is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra and the largest completed Hydroelectric power plant in India with a total capacity of 1960 MW. The Koyna Dam is built on the Koyna River that originates in the Sahyadri range of Mahabaleshwar. Connected by the now severely damaged Karad-Chiplun highway, Koynanagar is an oasis of peace. Let me take you through a pictorial journey to this charming location.

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A Tiny Hamlet of Maneri near Koynanagar

Serendipity in the lap of Nature – the calm water of Koyna river gently flowing by the side of the road, you cross a small bridge across this little river and reach the tranquil haven where paddy and ragi happily grow in step cultivation; where various shades of green paints separate steps in its own hue; where the sweet aroma of Indrayani paddy spikes fills the air; where fluttering birds make soothing music in the evergreen forest on the hills behind; where tiny white waterfall gushes down breaking the monopoly of the green; where multiple windmills stand tall to stealthily blend with the living world around. A dreamy picture meticulously painted to soothe the eyes, body, mind and soul.

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