Shrine in the lake at Ulun Danu Bratan

Awestruck in Bali

I was in the Land of Gods for a few days. I was blessed to be in this divine destination so rich in its natural splendour. The land is blessed with outstanding landscapes where mountains like Mt Agung, Mt Batur and others pop it head from within the vast stretches of volcanic terrain to overlook the surrounding area, where the lush green rice terraces preserves its age old tradition of subak irrigation, where the tropical garden proudly displays its dazzling blooms of orchids, where the land descends in the sea from every direction, where religion is an important part of life, where locals perform countless religious ceremonies, where artists practice the captivating traditional music and dance, where the skilfull artisans create extraordinary pieces of art, where the warm people welcome you with clasped palms called Sembah (similar to Namaste). Yes, I was on this enchanting island of Bali in wonderful Indonesia.

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