The hole where the water enters the cave

Baratang Stories

How many of you remember the lesson on mineral formation from the geography classes? More precisely the limestone structures of stalactite and stalagmite. Like many another interesting phenomenon we studied in our geography classes this was pretty awesome too. Those impressive pillars within the dark caves, some growing upwards while some descending downwards. All sounds so spectacular. Yes, I am talking about limestone caves of Baratang in the Andaman Islands.

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Ever Alluring Andamans

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Emerald Isles of India always fascinated me in various ways. Sometimes the shade changing turquoise to blue waters, sometimes the pristine silver to the golden seafront, the long stretches of coconut groove that line the shores, the lush green vegetation, the mangrove forest, the extraordinary marine life, the serenity of isolation… all keeps enticing me. Being there is a bliss of my life. I treasure those memories calling them alluring, wondrous, charming, graceful, curious, romantic, amicable… and abounding.

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