Wood Owl

Adventure and Birding in Koyna

Koyna has become our go-to Birding site. Situated close to Pune, it takes a few hours of driving to reach Koyna – where the hills, the river and the jungle meet making it a beautiful place which is also preferred by the birds to feed and breed. We were adequately geared up for birding this time and the results were fascinating. Let me take you through this interesting and adventurous birding session in Koyna.

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Veer Dam in the Sun and in the Rain

In the state with the maximum number of dams in India, you find small to large dam everywhere in every corner of every district. There are many known and unknown dams among which some are highly popular while others are not. Whether it is popular or unpopular, dams are interesting places with the surrounding water bodies making it even more attractive. One fine windy afternoon we decided to visit a dam, known to many yet unknown to me – the Veer Dam.

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