Vitthala Temple

Hampi and Birdwatching

Hampi is fascinating… the vast uneven landscape with mounds of boulders magically stacked in strange order some defying gravity while others creating imaginative shapes – I wonder in awe. The luscious Tungabhadra meanders through this rocky terrain to add a dash of blue in this semi-arid yet scattered green vista – I admire the scene. This abundant river not only beautifies the area but also nurtures life and enriches the avifaunal life – I watch them with great contentment.

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These bright flowers adds charm to the landscape

Road Trip from Pune to Hampi and Back

Road trips are always interesting, you get to know the geography of the place, you get to see the roads and the directions, you can watch the villages and the towns, you get the opportunity to experience the lifestyle and above all you can stop at any place and breathe in the fresh air and feel the vibe and capture the landscape in your camera and the moment in your memory. This time it is about my road trip to Hampi and back.

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The iconic stone chariot of Vittala Temple

The Boulderscape of Hampi and the Ruins of Ancient Age

Boulder boulder everywhere, not an inch to spare – A one-liner for Hampi. Though not sufficient enough to describe a land such rich in historic, wildlife and natural wealth. Vast stretches of uneven land with boulders stacked over the other creating heaps and hillock giving a unique identity to the place. Residing among these huge pile of rocks are the temples and ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire. One of these ruins qualified to be the symbol of Karnataka state Tourism – the iconic Stone Chariot of Vitthala Temple.

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